While the fall season of publishing seems thave the biggest month in September, there are plenty of great fall new releases that combine genres this month. I can personally recommend the latest from genre-blender David Wong which is just as funny as his horror/thriller blends like John Dies at the End, but couples his trademark violence with SF this time out.  Laura Anne Gilman’s latest is a weird west gaslamp fantasy set in a fresh take on the old west run by the Devil himself. I’m also looking forward to teh new Kate Morton, who writes like a dream and has a knack for historical settings. Another writer who always impresses is David Mitchell, and this time out he apparently is tackling the ghost story.  Count me in! New historical romances from Lisa Kleypas and Lorraine Heath are always welcome, as well. Finally, I haven’t read it yet, but I hear marvelous thing’s about another weird west tale called Wake of Vultures by Lila Bowen, so that’s on the top of my TBR list. Hopefully you will find a blend that’s calling your name as well.









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