A couple of weeks ago, I was lucky enough to be able to attend BookExpo in Chicago, where I saw the books that publishers are excited about for fall. I came away with a huge list of books for my own TBR pile. It also reminded me that while I did a list of anticipated books in the science fiction and fantasy genres for 2016, I only went through July. Now there are lots of new titles appearing on publishers’ schedules and a ton books I hadn’t even dreamt of when I made my first list for the year, in January. So, I decided I would round up my anticipated SFF reads for the second half of 2016. I’ll try and update this list as new titles are announced. These are things I’m personally looking forward to, but what looks good to you?









  • Crosstalk by Connie Willis
    [Always fabulous Willis takes a break from time traveling historian for a near future romance]
  • Firewalk by Chris Roberson
    [Interesting sounding supernatural crime thriller]
  • The Wall of Storms (The Dandelion Dynasty) by Ken Liu
    [Grace of Kings, was a little slow and could have had more interesting women characters, but it was ambitious and different. High hopes for book 2! ]
  • Conspiracy of Ravens (The Shadow) by Lila Bowen
    [Sequel to the great weird west debut Wake of Vultures]
  • Certain Dark Things by Silvia Garcia-Moreno
    [I really liked Signal to Noise and this novel of ‘noir-punk’ Mexico City vampires looks great]
  • The Motion of Puppets by Keith Donohue
    [Donohoe does literary horror, and this one is about creepy puppets. I’m scared already.]
  • Six Wakes by Mur Lafferty
    [While I’d like another Shambling Guide, I’ll happily take this SF mystery with clones.]
  • The Cold Eye (The Devil’s West Book 2) by Laura Anne Gilman
    [I loved The Silver on the Road so I can’t wait for this one]
  • Remnants of Trust (Central Corps) by Elizabeth Bonesteel
    [Another anticipated sequel. Cold Between was a SF/mystery/romance blend, but this one looks more political ]
  • Feedback (Newsflesh) by Mira Grant
    [Another perspective on the events of the fantastic first Newsflesh novel, Feed.]




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